LED FastStart, Baton Rouge
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FastStart FAQs

Q: How much does it cost?
A: LED FastStart® is a free service provided to qualifying companies operating in Louisiana.

Q: What does LED FastStart provide?
A: LED FastStart offers in-depth, world-class, custom employee recruitment and screening with hands-on assessments, as well as customized training for the complete operation. The training is both comprehensive and highly customized, covering specific processes and procedures as well as quality, organizational management and advanced technologies, and is supported with customized video, multiple digital platforms and graphic material.

Q: Does my company qualify?
A: To qualify, a company must first commit to creating a net of at least 15 new, permanent manufacturing jobs, or a net of at least 50 new, permanent service-related jobs. LED FastStart is a discretionary incentive and each request is evaluated prior to project commencement to ensure all eligibility requirements are met. The type of industry and investment from the company are reviewed as well.

Q: What kind of industries do you work with?
A: LED FastStart works with a wide variety of companies — from advanced manufacturing to corporate headquarters and customer support centers to game development and other digital media facilities.

Q: Do you train current employees or only new employees?
A: Training is generally limited to new employees. However, current employees can be involved if they are moving up in the company.

Q: Who owns the material?
A: All customized materials related to the company's process will be copyrighted to the company.

Q: How long does it take?
A: The training process varies depending on each company's needs. LED FastStart works with each company until the final employee is hired and trained.

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